Are you overwatering your plants?

 Words by: Urban Jungle


I know watering seems like giving love to the plants but the roots need oxygen. Too much watering is you basically drowning them like the patriarchy drowns women’s voices!

Signs of overwatering

1. Pale and droopy leaves

2. Mushiness or blackness of roots and soil

3. Soil stays moist and smells weird

4. Brown or black leaf tips (could be due to under-watering too, so check for other signs as well!)


  1. Too much water (obviously)`
  2. Lack of oxygen for roots
  3. Air is too humid
  4. No drainage in the pot

Note: Watering all plants in the same manner and amount is the plant equivalent of all lives matter! Some plants like ferns need more water and some like succulents can let the soil dry out completely between waterings! Check their needs before you water!

Treatment for overwatering

1. Place the plant in low humidity or sunlight to let the water evaporate from the soil (be careful to protect the leaves!)

2. Force excess water out of the soil by pressing on them and/ or draining the pot  out properly

3. Cut the damaged and mushy roots and repot in new soil

4. Drill more holes on the pot for better drainage

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